Brain Research

Every third person in Sweden will statistically be diagnosed with a brain-related disease, such as alzheimer´s disease, stroke, epilepsy or migraine. The knowledge about our brain is still insufficient, a lot of brain diseases are taboo. Increased knowledge would provide a greater number of people the opportunity to get the right diagnosis and thus better conditions to live a better life. With more funds it would be possible to accelerate brain-related studies for a better future. Brain studies save lives and improve the quality of life for both the affected and their families. 

The Brain Research collection supports the organization Hjärnfonden (The Swedish Brain foundation) with their important research regarding diseases, injuries, disabilities, as well as their research related to the healthy brain to improve its potential. Their stated vision is that nobody should suffer from diseases, injuries or disabilities related to the brain.

By purchasing a bottle in this collection you will contribute with €1 to Hjärnfonden.

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