Pure Nature

Littering is one of the biggest societal issues. Our oceans around the world contain over 150 million ton plastic, and that just keeps filling up. Most of that garbage is plastic that has been used for a short time before thrown away. Garbage hurts animals, our nature, destroys the ocean and is a major cost for our society. If we don't change, it's estimated by scientists that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by the year 2050. We need to stop the littering right away, and for that to happen it's vital that we get together and make a change! 

The Pure Nature collection supports the organization Håll Sverige Rent (The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation). They work to inform and actively prevent any kind of littering in our nature.

By purchasing a bottle in this collection you will contribute with €1 to Håll Sverige Rent.  

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