Our story

Bold Bottle was founded in 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are a proud Swedish brand whose vision  is to influence towards a better future for people's lives, communities and our planet. 

We strive towards our vision by producing products with an eco-friendly element that has the perfect balance of comfort and design.

The idea was founded based on our history with family and close friends that have faced different challenges in life. Including cancer, Parkinson's disease, autism and other disabilities. We want to give back to charities that support these causes among others. The message behind the brand is clear, it’s a statement of kindness and the ability to change. 

 Although these problems seem overwhelming, our small choices that we make every day, can make up to a big difference. Bold Bottle is all about those choices.


Being Bold means for us to pursue the ability to change for a better cause.


Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable and kind society.

Be Bold and make a difference!